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The Pelican Brief Project

Ransom Riggs

If there's one thing I like more than mysteries, it's complicated art projects done for seemingly no reason. The Pelican Brief Project has both! So there's an excellent video store in West Los Angeles called Cinefile. One day they found a DVD in the return bin that looked a lot like -- but wasn't quite -- the Julia Roberts thriller The Pelican Brief. Curious, they popped it in their DVD player and discovered that a local band called Candybox Violence had removed the film's soundtrack and replaced it with their own -- a two-hour experimental rock opera (or something) that they played live along with the film. Cinefile put the DVD on their shelves and began renting it out, and it became a mini cult hit. Here's a clip:

If you've a hankering to see the whole thing -- performed live along with the film -- it's happening at the Everything is Terrible Festival in Los Angeles in a few weeks. Hooray for weirdness!