People Who Became Nouns: Jules Leotard

Jason English
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Hulton Archive/ has a really big gallery of people whose names live on in dictionaries and on products, including Samuel Maverick, Rudolf Diesel, Etienne Silhouette, and Rev. Sylvester Graham. Also featured is Jules Leotard, a 19th-century French trapeze artist who lent his name to the tights. Were any of their examples new to you? Who'd they leave out?

(We've discussed our Jeopardy! Dream Boards before; "People Who Became Nouns" would be on mine. Right now my other five categories would be Wonder Years Guest Stars, Facts From 1987 Topps Baseball Cards, Presidential Nicknames, (Jed) Bartlet's Quotations, and Alma Maters of the Mildly Famous.)