Strange Geographies: A Most Peculiar Trip

Ransom Riggs

Some of our readers may remember my Strange Geographies columns from April and May, all about my time in Amsterdam and my road trip through Belgium and Luxembourg, where with the expert help of a Dutch urban explorer I sought out grand old abandoned buildings to play the role of Miss Peregrine's house in the trailer I made for my novel. But those columns were different from my usual Strange Geographies photo essays -- most of the pictures were stills lifted from the hours of video I shot. After editing the trailer, I made this: the story of how I went looking for Miss Peregrine's house across the pond, and what I found there. If you read the other Strange Geo columns, you'll recognize a lot of the locations.

Warning! One NSFW word happens very early in the video.

BTW: apologies if this post has appeared and disappeared from the site a couple of times; technical issues! It's here to stay.