The Late Movies: The "Unsolved Mysteries" Theme Song

Chris Higgins

Rob Lammle wrote a terrific piece in January called Unsolved Mysteries: More Than Just a Creepy Theme Song. But I wondered: can that theme song get any creepier? Guess what -- it can. Listen if you dare. (On one of the videos below, YouTube user TiffanyMarie105 wrote: "The song alone (let alone the actual show) has probably given millions of people nightmares. I could probably listen to it on repeat for hours and not get bored of it." Yes. She'd listen to it on repeat until the nightmares began.)

Original Theme Song

Here's the original, unaltered theme song. For viewers and listeners of a certain age, this summons images of murder, mystery, and a general sense of foreboding. I suspect for everybody else, it's just cheesy.

Theme Song Slowed Down

YouTube user "zealousdemon" slowed down the song, stretching it to over 11 minutes. The result is weird, atmospheric, and beautiful. It sounds to me a lot like the music from Inception.

Dubstep Remix

Stick around until after the 40-second mark and the craziness happens. If you don't know what dubstep is, let Wikipedia be your guide.

Cover Version

YouTube user SpiceyGrooves recorded this cover version. Pretty close to the original.

Unsolved Mysteries vs. "Gangsta's Paradise" Mashup

What happens when you mashup Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" and the Unsolved Mysteries theme? Witness:

Rap Cover (Without Lyrics)

YouTube user RoyalW1979 added beats and some extra backing tracks to make this. Go ahead and make your own rap over this!

Chiptune Version of Update Music

Remember the "update" segments where you'd learn that a particular mystery had been solved? Here's a chiptune version of that music. It's like Zelda meets Unsolved Mysteries.

Parody Intro

From "" comes this parody version of the show's intro. Now that's not creepy at all!