Uncontacted Tribes Don't Realize They're Internet Famous

Colin Patrick

I’ve been running across all kinds of stories about uncontacted tribes in remote parts of the world lately. Back in April, This American Life featured a story from the book The Last of the Tribe detailing attempts to contact the sole surviving member of an indigenous tribe within the Brazilian rainforest.

Then, just this week, two more stories popped up. The Daily What posted the following video taken in the 1970s of the Toulambi tribe in Papua New Guinea being contacted by Caucasians for the first time. The video is fascinating (but may contain some NSFW material).

And this sort of encounter isn’t completely a thing of the past. This week Al Jazeera reported the discovery of one of the world's last uncontacted tribes—as evidenced by a group of thatched-roof shelters deep within the Amazon rainforest: