Bob Uecker: Pro Wrestling Icon

Colin Patrick

While doing costume research for my best friend’s Major League-themed birthday party (he’s a disgustingly huge Cleveland Indians fan), I learned something I didn't know about Bob Uecker. Fans of that movie know him as Harry “Just a Bit Outside” Doyle – the team’s play-by-play man. Others may know him as the longtime real-life announcer of the Milwaukee Brewers. And TV buffs will remember him as George Owens on Mr. Belvedere.

All of those I knew. I did not, however, recall that Uecker spent time as a ring announcer for the World Wrestling Federation. In fact, his time with the WWF was so impressive that Uecker was inducted into their Hall of Fame last year – thanks in part to memorable moments such as this breathtaking exchange with fellow hall of famer Andre the Giant:

And here's the illustrious video put together to mark his enshrinement: