Shea Hembrey's Multiple Artist Personalities

Colin Patrick

In this riveting TED talk, Shea Hembrey details the work of artists whose creations are located all along the spectrum of visual arts, from painting to film to large-scale installations.

He details the work of Nell Remmel and her exploration of agricultural processes. He discusses a group of artists in Tokyo who developed a series of original art pieces hidden in scratch-off lottery tickets. There is also Gus Weinmueller, who created a new type of artist in residence program. And then there’s Sylvia Slater, the “very serious Swiss artist,” who's interested in art trading. And we can't forget Michael Abernathy and Bud Holland, creators of the graveyard "dig jig" dance.

Each of these artists are fascinating and thought-provoking in their own unique way. But what makes them the most interesting is that they are all, in fact, one person—Shea Hembrey.

To create an all-encompassing biennial art showcase, Hembrey eliminated the need to find 100 different artists by just creating the people—and their art—all by himself.