How Did You Know Jimmy Luth?

David K. Israel

We had a lot of fun giving away daily neatorama prizes this month! We hope you continue to enjoy this new aspect of the game. Thanks for being active on the Facebook page. Head over there to find out if you're a random winner, as we just announced that. Meantime, congrats to our first place winner and new (and former) champion, Jimmy Luth!

Apparently June is my month for winning HDYK (Past winner, June&August 2010 - An honor retained at the top of personal google searches). It must have been in the answers because I was not first to post the final answer and I had a 10 minute delay in start as I thought I had until Tuesday before I saw the facebook post (Everyone should join the HDYK facebook page). I am thrilled to win a month that included references to some of my favorite things in Modern Family, classic cartoons, and Angry Birds along with new ways to submit and a user submitted puzzle. Seriously, you should do that again, I would love to create a puzzle as much as I do to solve them. I attached a photo of me and family (Laurie, Annabelle-5, and Rebecca-2) at the Georgia Aquarium this summer as the sprinkle picture wasn't the best turnout. Thanks again to MF, Neatorama, and the facebook hinters - especially Sharon who helped me get my last missing answer.

Final Answer Q: According to Urban Dictionary, what is the definition of a Twaggie? A: A traditional tag in the Twittersphere as exemplified by the Web comic Twaggies

Day 1 D1L1 BIRDO HDYK: Started counting coins and using the cipher (your favorite tool) to see if it spelled anything. D1L2 Chrono Trigger HDYK: No idea, searched Dactyl's Nest to find the game for the DS. D1L3 Mighty Eagle HDYK: He is purchased separately in the game Question: In what country is Rovio (makers of Angry Birds) based? Finland

Day 2 Modern Family HDYK: Created cipher style setup in Excel and tried some different ideas to see what would create two words. Sadly found it was the answer which I suspected but apparently wasn't solving correctly. D2L2 8 Out of 10 Cats Cash in the Attic Countdown Black Books The Big Breakfast HDYK: Googled some clue words, figured out a Channel 4 connection and searched out shows. Nice hint with "programmes" D2L3 7F7F7F, FFFF00, 00FFFF, 00FF00, FF00FF, FF0000 Gray, Yellow, Cyan, Green, Magenta, Red HDYK: Googled the sequences. Figured it was a color thing used for screen images. Took some googling to find it is the order of the SMPTE color bars for a test pattern. Blue is the last one. What are the three primary colors of light that are used to produce the picture you see on most television sets? Red, Green, Blue

Day 3 D3L1 Lightning McQueen - Cars Mystery Van - Scooby Doo Flintmobile - Flinstones Space Car - Jetsons The Mach 5 - Speed Racer Speed Buggy - Speed Buggy Answer: Wilson (Owen Wilson) HDYK: Recognized most right away and googled to confirm the actual car name D3L2 Comparing against: Headlight fixed; Removed some top teeth; Piece on top is missing; Gas cap removed; HDYK: Used a gif maker and an original to ensure no strange small changes like the last time. D3L3 The car in Back to the Future was the DeLorean. The actor is Christopher Lloyd HDYK: took the quiz, googling some answers to confirm I was correct. Question: What was the full name of the character Mr. Lloyd played on Taxi? Reverend Jim Ignatowski

Day 4 D4L1 Cincinnati Reds - Reds + ox = Red Sox - Boston Red Sox HDYK: A wiki review of each sports teams and dropping the letters as instructed to see what works. D4L2 - Nice work Greg. Don't be afraid to do this again MF - I promise to submit next time. METS - D. The guys on this team are actually one-thousand aliens. ROYALS - E. The guys on this team would rather be playing polo - the sport of kings. DODGERS - A. The guys on this team are hard to catch. MARINERS - C. The guys on this team are out to sea. ATHLETICS - B. The guys on this team are in good shape. TOODGSH - HOT DOGS! HDYK: Knew some right away but had to second guess and fill in to figure out each clue. The aliens was the toughest one. D4L3 BULL DURHAM FIELD OF DREAMS THE UPSIDE OF ANGER FOR LOVE OF THE GAME A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN HEIROWN - Kevin Costner is not in this movie. HDYK: Recognized most of the movies and connected a Costner/baseballl theme. Question: What pitcher for the Minnesota Twins threw the first no-hitter of the 2011 MLB season? Francisco Liriano

Day 5 6-7-4-7-2-4-9-5-6-5-2 RPG = MPG RGB = RBG = 7-2-4 Lighting is number 95 MLB Question: According to Urban Dictionary, what is the definition of a Twaggie? A traditional tag in the Twittersphere as exemplified by the Web comic Twaggies