Abandoned Space Junk in the Swamps of Florida

Ransom Riggs

Having grown up in Florida, I can attest to the fact that there's a lot of weird stuff hiding in the undergrowth out there. It seems like there's no plant matter on Earth that grows faster or covers things up more quickly than Florida underbrush -- vines, palmetto bushes, wild grass -- which is pretty handy if you're trying to hide things. There was a big weedy patch of undergrowth around the corner from my old house that my neighbor friends and I used to explore as kids; it was years before we realized there were entire cars back there, subsumed in the growth. Apparently they'd been stolen, joyridden in, and then dumped there, years before.

Anyway, the latest weird thing to emerge from the swampy underbrush of Florida's giant no-place is an old aerospace factory. VBS found this video about it, and they write:

In 1963 Aerojet-General built a rocket manufacturing plant in the middle of the Everglades. They were hoping to build rockets for the Apollo moon mission. The rockets were built and tested in a 150 ft. deep silo, the deepest hole ever dug in Florida. In addition to the site, they dug the largest canal cutting through the Everglades to the Atlantic ocean. Because the rockets were so big (solid fueled), they could only be transfered by barge. The Saturn rockets ended up with liquid fuel and Aerojet never got the contract. The site was abandoned in 1969, along with the rocket in the silo. It's been sitting there for nearly 50 years.

Assuming it's not guarded by dogs or something, this definitely looks like somewhere I'm going to have to visit next time I'm home visiting the folks.