Weird Websites of the Week: Badly Stuffed Animals and Birds With Arms

Ransom Riggs

Plenty of people make their living as taxidermists, so I don't want to say -- and don't really agree -- that taxidermy is itself intrinsically creepy. It can serve important functions, like creating displays at museums of natural history. But there's something undeniably creepy about taxidermy that's done badly, which is the modus behind the Facebook group Badly Stuffed Animals. It features taxidermied beasts like this poor housecat, whose owners must've taken it to the taxidermy school for students to learn on:

He looks like he's just been caught shoplifting. If you like that, trust me, there's lots more. The 1800 or so weirdos who "liked" this group also turned me on to this video of a "rogue taxidermist" in New York City, who raids Chinatown dumpsters for dead animal parts, from which he constructs freakish, life-size models of human beings, as well as this tumblr "stuffed" -- heh -- with bizarre pictures of birds with human arms Photoshopped onto them.

If you're feeling vaguely uncomfortable now, that means I've done my job for the week.