The Post-it® Ghost


Ready to be creeped out at work? Read The Housemate, or as it's affectionately known online, "The Post-it® Ghost." Without giving too much away, it's the thrilling story of one man's encounter with anonymous Post-it® notes appearing throughout his house. Who wrote them? Why were they there? Here are a few of the notes:

And here's a snippet of the story:

One day, after coming home from work, I found the following post-it note stuck to my fridge. [Shown: "WE NEED MILK."] I found this interesting for two reasons: firstly, the fridge was plentiful with milk: there was a four pint plastic bottle of semi-skimmed, a bottle of Guernsey gold-top, a carton of goat's milk and a pot of Alrpo soya cream. Secondly, I have no housemate. I live alone and have done ever since I moved out of my parents' house ten years ago. I simply like to be alone: I don't need to explain myself. Who had written this missive? Was it some kind of joke? Had a thief broken in and, finding nothing worth stealing, decided instead to leave me a sarcastic note? Was he (or she) still in the house, hiding somewhere, watching me, ejoying my reaction? I was unnerved and pondered it for the evening. As the night arrived, however, I'd grown less concerned and by next morning I'd forgotten about the whole thing. Just over a week later it happened again. I came downstairs in the morning and opened my fridge.

Read the rest, if you dare. The account is by one "Richard Vivmeister Hirst," also known as @vivmondo.