Switzerland's Anti-PowerPoint Party

Jill Harness

I know plenty of people love PowerPoint, but I personally can't stand it and apparently, I'm not alone. There's a whole political party in Switzerland dedicated to having it banned within the country's borders. According to their completely unverifiable statistics:

The use of the presentation software costs the Swiss economy approximately 2.1 billion Swiss Francs a year (US $2.5billion). They base their calculation on reportedly unverified assumptions about the number of employees that attend PowerPoint presentations weekly, and the assumption that these presentations hold no value for 85% of attendees thus costing companies money from the loss of productive work hours.

While it's a little over the top to ban the software outright, I completely respect their movement. Then again, if they ban PowerPoint, another political party will have to spring up to ban long, boring meetings without visual presentations.

[Image courtesy of dotpolka's Flickr stream.]