Great Art ... with Star Destroyers

Ransom Riggs

I guess I thought painting was the one art form that was immune from the mashup -- of course, I was proved wrong years ago, by the cover art for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies -- but now it seems that things have gone a step further. John Constable's Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Garden is a pleasant-enough scene, rendered in muted tones and subtle brushstrokes that almost evoke the sound of a light breeze blowing through the tall trees in the foreground. Of course, it lacks a distinct air of menace, which is easily remedied by the addition of a few Star Destroyers. To wit:

Impending doom never looked so peaceful, I must say. (BTW, if you liked that, there's also this, also w/ star destroyers.)

By the way, the high-resolution image of the Constable painting was obtained via the Google Art Project, a very cool thing Google is doing in cooperation with museums around the world, allowing you -- from the comfort of your armchair! -- to view hundreds of notable paintings at incredible zoom levels, something it's usually pretty difficult to do without a lot of frustrating searching and being rebuffed by tiny image size, etc. So bully for Google!