The Ultimate NatGeo Office Email

Jill Harness

Over at the National Geographic office, the following memo recently made its way around the company:

Bear Urine—not a joke A package arrived at Geo...(talk about weird) 2 small bottles of Pee. Bear Urine. No... really. Can you please send a blast to see if some brave soul will claim the urine.

Surprisingly, they got quite a few responses. The first was from a woman who explained that she ordered deer and coyote urine, but not bear urine.

Two others explained that they'd be happy to claim it to keep deer out of their yards.

Eventually though, the rightful owners came forward to claim it. As it turns out, they needed it for a nature show, so they could cover up their scent.

What's the strangest all-company email you've ever received?

[Image courtesy of Ajam Tallam's Flickr stream.]