Plus: Plus-Size Models

David K. Israel

Yesterday I wrote about Google+. Continuing with this week's plus theme, we have plus-size models. Many are starting to think that the heroin addict-looking models of today could soon find themselves walking on, er, thin ice. While plus-size models have been making headlines for some years, perhaps it wasn't until Whitney Thompson came on the scene during season 10 of America’s Next Top Model. Standing 5’10”, but wearing a size 10 dress instead of a size 0, Thompson became the first plus-size girl to take the reality show's prize, which translated into a contract with Elite Model Management and a sponsorship deal with CoverGirl.

There's another interesting, happily-ever-after story involving Crystal Renn, the only plus-size model who has appeared in all four international editions of Vogue magazine. But when she was 14, the aspiring model was told to drop about one third of her body weight if she wanted to model! This inspired a whole series of eating disorders that eventually drove her out of the business. But, she eventually learned to love her weight and rebranded herself as a healthy, voluptuous gal.

Other famous plus-size models include Kate Dillon, who was named one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People, Chloe Marshall, a finalist for the Miss England pageant, and Maggie Brown, who won Tyra Banks' "Thick and Sexy" model search in 2006.