Damn Fine "Twin Peaks" Coffee Ads from Japan

Chris Higgins

I'm a Twin Peaks fan, and like to think I know a little trivia about the show. But it was news to me that in 1993 David Lynch directed a series of Twin Peaks-themed TV ads for the Japanese canned coffee-flavored drink called Georgia, made by Coca-Cola. According to LynchNet:

These commercials were done for the Japanese canned coffee, Georgia. The series was set in Twin Peaks and featured many of the cast from the series. In the ads, a Japanese man searches for his missing wife. Each commercial added more clues to the mystery, until the final one where Cooper rescues her from the Black Lodge. Originally a second series of four were planned, but the Coffee company, unhappy with the first series, canceled them.

This is some seriously weird stuff. How did Lynch get the rights to do this? How did they get the Log Lady to make an appearance? Why would a Coke-produced coffee beverage even be a thing? Who killed Laura Palmer?! Enjoy the madness:

(Via Certified Bulls**t Technician, via The World's Best Ever.)