Baseball's Worst Players of All Time

Colin Patrick

When I recently shared an video about the great Bob Uecker’s side career in professional wrestling, I also pointed out his notoriety as play-by-play announcer for the Brewers and as an actor in several hilarious roles. Our dutiful reader and commenter Tim H. also reminded us that Uecker had a major league career of his own – playing from 1962-1967.

I was reminded of Uecker’s career once again today when I ran across his name on Deadspin’s list of The 100 Worst Baseball Players of All Time. It seems the writers there felt that Uecker’s comedic exploits were not enough to overcome his .200 career batting average.

He’s in good company, joined by well-known names like Michael Jordan and Tommy Lasorda. (Lasorda is summed up as a player who “made the most of his brief career by, in 1956, sparking a brawl between his Kansas City A's and the Yankees by volunteering—yes, volunteering—to go throw at the heads of the Yankee hitters.”). The list also includes Ozzie Canseco and Pete Rose, Jr. - the unfortunate, shadow-dwelling kin of two major league greats - and dozens of other entertaining career rundowns.