Creepy Russian Propaganda Posters


I've been hanging out over at English Russia a lot recently, and I came across an archive of Russian propaganda posters. I'd wager that Russia has historically been the world's most prolific producer of posters like this, so there's lots to choose from and cherry-pick when looking for creepy stuff. (Though not so creepy that I wouldn't consider framing some of them, if I could find high-res versions.) The translations come from the editors of English Russia, and may or may not be complete -- or completely accurate. But what's amazing about these isn't the words!

Retreating, the White Army burns down the wheat.

“Wrangel is advancing! Black robber wants to take our bread, coal and oil, workers and peasants."

(Pyotr Wrangel was the commanding general of the anti-Bolshevik White Army, pictured burning wheat and making peasants cry in the image atop this one.)

“That’s how the bolsheviks play the master in Cossack villages.”

“The illiterate is blind, failures and misfortunes wait for him everywhere.” (This might be fun to post in American elementary school.)

“People who eat one other because of the famine are not cannibals. Cannibals are those who don't want to redistribute the church's gold to the starving." (May I say: woah.)

"Remember the starving." This reminds me of lectures I used to get about not finishing my dinner. Only 100,000 times more depressing.

I think there's no arguing that this next one, an informational poster aimed at children, is creepy:

Soviet people’s committee

“He is here, he is there,
He has lots of tasks and work,
So many things are under his control,
So you can live much better.”