Remembering Richard Feynman

Chris Higgins

In this TEDxCaltech talk, physicist Leonard Susskind talks about his old friend Richard "Dick" Feynman. Susskind relates a series of stories about Feynman the man, the scientist, and the teacher. It doesn't really get good until four minutes in; the whole talk is fourteen minutes long.

Sample quote: "What Feynman hated more than anything else was intellectual pretense, phoniness, false sophistication, jargon. [Recounts a story about philosophers discussing whether machines could develop minds.] The trouble with the philosophers is that they were philosophizing when they should have been science-izing. It was a scientific question, after all. And this was a very, very dangerous thing to do around Dick Feynman. Feynman let 'em have it, both barrels, right between the eyes. ... [The philosophers] had an enormous amount of fun having their faces shoved in the mud."

If the teeny tiny video above bugs you, try the high-res MP4 video.

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