Breaking Bad's Super Intense Gus Was Big Bird's Camp Counselor


On Breaking Bad Giancarlo Esposito plays Gus Fring, one of the scariest characters on television. But Joel Keller of New York Magazine scanned Esposito's IMDb profile and noticed a curious credit from 1982:

On your IMDB profile there’s a series of bad guys and maybe some cops and other folks, and then at the very end, it shows you did Sesame Street for a year. [Laughs] I did! I did the Electric Company theme song and I was Big Bird’s camp counselor, and I’m still trying to find that footage for my children.

Sesame Street reruns from 1982 will never be the same.

[Read the full interview, which includes a discussion of how Esposito prepared for Sunday's big scene, at Image courtesy of Muppet Wiki.]