Snail Mail My E-Mail

David K. Israel

So here's something pretty amazing: An artist and designer named Ivan Cash has decided to give back to the world in the form of snail mail. No, I don't mean junk snail mail. I mean, you can type an e-mail, send it to Ivan via his new, temporary Web site and voila he not only turns your e-mail into good ol' fashioned snail mail, but he pays the postage too! And get this: he'll mail it anywhere in the world. It's all part of a 30-day charity endeavor/interactive art project that Ivan says "seeks to both share the warm-fuzzy feeling of receiving a personalized letter as well as inspire people to send their own snail mail."

So how does it work? Simple:

1. Write a 100-word-max e-mail you want snail-mailed to someone

2. Request one custom option from his menu (like, a doodle, or a flower)

3.  Send it to snailmailmyemail 'at'

Pretty nifty, eh? I'll tell you what, if any of you _flossers send me a snail mail to our corporate mental_floss address (found here), I'll make a donation to your favorite charity - just to keep in the spirit of Ivan's very awesome site!

(Hat tip to my pal @phampants for tweeting me the linkage!)