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The World's Only Analog Blogger

Ransom Riggs

As far as we know, a Liberian man named Alfred Sirleaf is the world's only analog blogger. In the heart of the capitol of a country where most people don't have Internet access and can't afford a daily newspaper, Sirleaf curates the Daily Talk, which is written on a chalkboard along a busy road. According to the New York Times, it's the most widely-read report -- digital or analog -- in the capitol, Monrovia. sent a reporter of their own to talk to Mr. Sirleaf, and they filed this report, and the video below.

To confront the matter of a lopsided, state-run media, Sirleaf created The Daily Talk, a free-of-charge, independent news-aggregator—written by hand on a blackboard. Each morning, at 10:45 AM, Alfred Sirleaf heads down to his bulletin board to post the day’s news, culling together a slate of stories his countrymen might otherwise never see. Grateful readers line up in droves, on foot and in cars, to read these updates, in what has been described as the country’s—and most likely the world’s—only analog blog.