wants to help you read more/less

David K. Israel

If you're like me, _flossers, you spend a lot of time online wishing you had more time to read longer pieces, or, alternately, that there was less to read. Well, there's never going to be less to read, only more. So how to solve the problem?

Well, an up-and-coming Web site wants to hep you with this problem. (yep, that's the URL) is a new platform being developed by three Chicago friends who want to address the fact that they don't have time to read all the great long-form content online, but still want to get the nuggets of information from them. The idea is basically that collectively, we can all get much more information together, than have to individually read the same long-form articles on our own.

They've built a solid prototype, and now they're using Kickstarter to raise a mere $1,000 to continue building out content and features. Best reward on their page? Hand-made glass robots! SCORE! So check 'em out in the video below.