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From Dinner to Stonehenge: IKEA-style Instructions for Just About Everything

Andréa Fernandes

IKEA, which sells products in more than 35 different countries, had the brilliant idea to create wordless, graphical instructions for all their products, thus enabling people all over the world to build their flat-pack furniture at home. While they can sometimes be difficult to interpret, the IKEA instructions are instantly recognizable, making them easy to imitate. Artists and humorists have designed mock-IKEA instructions for everything from Stonehenge to Doctor Who's TARDIS.

CollegeHumor created a series of IKEA instructions for life: HÖUSS (house), BÄBBY (baby), HÄDRÖNN CJÖLIDDER (Large Hadron Collider), TRÜSST (trust), and MËTH (meth). The style is spot-on, right down to the IKEA logo, although the splash of red in TRÜSST wouldn't be found in a real IKEA instructions manual.