Even More Fun Finds from the 99¢ Store

David K. Israel

Welcome back to another installment! As you loyal readers know, each year I make a trip to the 99¢ store and bring my camera to bring you the best/funniest finds from my pilgrimage. I broke with tradition this year and ventured off to a new store near me with a typo in its name! Yes, folks, welcome to the 99 Cent Store! How perfect is that?!


Not sure about you guys, but I can't, for the life of me, figure out what the words funny - friendship - amused - have to do with these maracas.

Fun Fishing

Bubble Gun

This bubble gun has made millions of bubbles in the past. It must be amazing! Who knows how many it will make when you buy it, but what a track record!

Adventure Heroes Metal Car

Freestyle Scooter

This one is not only WAY more than 99 CENT, it's totally bizarre!

Kitchen Tools

Yes, here we have the best welcome gifts for the children!

What about you all? What’s the most unusual thing you’ve found at the discount store near you?

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