MTV News Coverage from 1995: The Internet

Chris Higgins

In this four-minute clip from 1995, the intrepid MTV News team takes on The Internet. Their coverage is wonderfully dated, showing the state of the art at the time: animated GIFs, Netscape, CompuServe, and blurred-out nudie pictures. Yes indeed, the coverage is primarily about online porn (this is MTV, after all), though a few nods are given to sites about Twinkies, Godzilla, Star Wars, music (a teeny tiny QuickTime video), and they guess email is cool too. The whole piece uses a CB radio metaphor to explain the World Wide Web, at one point describing websites as "truck stops." Enjoy this blast from the not-too-distant past:

A partial list of celebrities weighing in on the matter: Billy Corgan, Michael Jackson, Sandra Bullock, Coolio, Ozzy Osbourne, Mike Heidorn (of Son Volt), David Bennahum ("Cyber Journalist"), Newt Gingrich, Perry Farrell, Dave Matthews ("It's gratifying as's a little weird"), Moby, and David Bowie ("I got so tired of the rubbish [online] that I dropped out").

(Via Waxy.)