Trader Oh-No


So yesterday, I went to Trader Joes, as I do every Sunday, stocked up on my staples, like milk, eggs, OJ, bananas, etc. and my favorite snack, Roasted Seaweed. One of my favorite things about TJ's is their unique, branded products that come and go depending on season, location, sales and the like. Roasted Seaweed appeared one day in Southern Cali about a year ago and I think my wife, son and I are mainly responsible for keeping them off the shelves... that's how much we buy. But in yesterday's batch we got a dud! My son opened the container only to find, well, nothing at all! Just an empty package. The tray didn't even have the salt packet that keeps moisture out. Nada, niente, rein, klum, noogi... nothing!

Has anything like this ever happened to you all? You opened a container or package to find nothing at all? As if someone were playing a practical joke on you? We had a good laugh over it—my son and I—but it was sort of spooky trying to picture the assembly line and what went wrong that day.

At any rate, we're certainly going to continue buying it, and other TJ products. But tell us, friendly _flossers, what's YOUR favorite TJ-branded item?