Soon after I graduated high school, I moved to Long Island to record an album with jazz guitar legend, Pat Martino. We were recording in an old studio in Oyster Bay on a 16-track that Jimi Hendrix had supposedly used for Electric Ladyland. I'm not kidding when I say the machine was bigger than many washing machines you see these days. Fast forward to 2011 and bands are recording entire albums on iPads!

For instance, the pop-punk band The Ultramods used GarageBand on the iPad to record their latest album. All the instruments used were those found bundled with the app and even the vocals were recorded using the iPad’s built-in mic. The cartoon band Gorillaz did something similar with The Fall, though they used many more apps, including Speak It!, SoundyThingie, Mugician Solo Synth and a pantload of others.

Speaking of apps, one of the cooler ones is Griffin Technology’s StompBox (pictured above), which turns your iPad into a programmable multi-functional foot controller that enables virtual guitar effects. When I was growing up, my pedal board weighed more than 50 pounds and was built into an Anvil case!

Back to the tunes. Atomic Tom recorded the below tune using nothing but their iPhones to create beats on the NYC Subway!