6 Strange Cameras

David K. Israel

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my years, it’s that people will try to put a camera in anything. For instance, this creative fellow took a Polaroid camera, stripped it down and then reassembled it using all LEGO pieces. It includes a manual crank that takes 23 clicks to advance one frame.

Or how about this camera-gun, which is actually a Nikon D200 attached to a rifle stock. The Tactical Camera Long Range Assault Stock has a trigger that activates the camera’s shutter, allowing you to shoot photographs just like you would shoot a gun.

Next up, we have what looks like your typical Zippo lighter at first glance, but is actually a 640 x 480 VGA camera, which is only revealed when you flip the lid. Under the hood is 64MBs of built-in memory, USB connectivity, and a photo timer. Smoking right?!

I don't have much info about the next two, except that they look really awesome and are apparently fully functional.

Last but not least, how about this? A pinhole pumpkin camera! If you make this yourself, I'd suggest you don’t use a 36 exposure roll (if you can even find real film), otherwise the pumpkin may have rotted before you finish the roll!