Signing Off

Ransom Riggs

My flossy friends,

This week marks five years since I started blogging for mental_floss, and a great five years it has been. It's been a privilege to work with and write for some of the smartest people on the Internet, and to have such a sharp but supportive group of regular readers; you guys have always kept me on my toes, and made me a better writer for it. (Xanderjones, megaroo, 8rustystaples, helenann, partiallydeflected, n2y2, johnny cat, bicycle bill, hockeyzombie ... there are many of you! Thanks for coming back again and again. You're part of this big bloggy family.)

I'll be back now and again to do guest posts -- I'm going to Iceland in a few weeks, for instance, and you can bet I'm bringing my camera -- but it'll be pretty occasional. In the meantime you can find me on Twitter and Facebook, or on my website.

Just for fun, I'm fairly certain this is my first post. For my last, I'm posting a found photo I really like:

Thanks again, everyone. It's going to feel really weird not sitting down in front of Wordpress every weekday morning to blog. I miss it already!

Signing off,