Cookie Monster vs. Tom Waits


In this clip, the Tom Waits song "God's Away On Business" is expertly combined with clips of Cookie Monster on Sesame Street. The effect is absurd and wonderful, as this really does seem a bit like a Sesame Street song (except for, uh, portions of the subject matter). Enjoy:

Weirdly, this is not without precedent. In 2002, singer Ryan Adams improvised several songs as himself, Tom Waits, and then Cookie Monster while at a performance in Portland's Roseland Theater. This is audio only (with a little coarse language), but worth noting that this Cookie Monster/Tom Waits thing has been in the zeitgeist for at least a decade. (Note: in addition to the audio below, apparently later in the same concert Adams performed a modified version of one of his own songs, as Cookie Monster, this time calling it "Oh My Sweet Chocolate Cookie.")

(Via The A.V. Club.)