Dear Slate: Bob Gale Is Locked in Our Basement

Jason English

As surprised as I was that Back to the Future co-creator Bob Gale actually responded to our question about the origin of Marty and Doc's friendship, I could not have imagined the splash his explanation would make. This "scoop" was covered by New York Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, TIME, MTV, and Slate, among others.

Some people (understandably) didn't take my word for it that we were dealing with the real Bob Gale here. Slate's Will Carlough, in particular, was skeptical:

"No one on the Internet knows you're a dog, or whether you're really Bob Gale ... I've seen enough Internet hoaxes to say I'll wait for a picture of him holding a sign that says 'Yes, it's me' with today's newspaper before I buy it completely."

Our new best friend Bob Gale, with whom I'd emailed before posting his original comment to make sure he wasn't, in fact, a dog, was willing to oblige.

I hope the no-newspaper thing doesn't raise any red flags with conspiracy theorists.