D23 Day Three: The Force was With Us


I was expecting the last day of D23 to be the biggest because of the Marvel presentation, but it was actually the quietest day yet.

I'm sorry to say, comic book geeks, nothing earth-shattering or amazing was revealed at the Marvel panel. In fact, it was more of a primer on the company and its history, aimed at the hardcore Disney geeks who probably weren't too familiar with Stan Lee and his House of Ideas. Alas, Stan wasn't in attendance, but Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada did a wonderful job explaining how the current state of Marvel came to be.

I really loved the Disney Archives, which gave us a chance to look at a bunch of amazing props and costumes used in classic films over the years. Among them included the original Mouseketeer uniforms, costumes from Tim Burton's

Alice in Wonderland

, the model of the Dip truck used in

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

, tons of


stuff, costumes from the original


and so much more. I'm getting them all uploaded to


as we speak.

Seeing the making of the new Star Tours ride was probably the highlight of the day for my obsessed husband, and I'll say that even for a non-fan, it was pretty interesting. If you're one of those people who have been saying that Star Tours was in desperate need of an update about 15 years ago, well, that's about how long Imagineers have been developing it. It's taken that long to figure out what to do and get George Lucas' approval on every step. And I hear that the result is worth it - there are 54 variations of the ride, so it's going to take you a while to get through them all. I haven't been on it yet, myself. Have any of you?

Who else was there this weekend? What panels did you get to?