College Football Rivalry Trophies Not Deemed Unacceptable

Jason English

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There will be a new new trophy awarded to the winner of this year's Iowa-Iowa State game. From ESPN:

With the Iowa Corn Growers Association as the new sponsor of the series between Iowa State's Cyclones and Iowa's Hawkeyes, the new trophy was drawn up as a farm family huddled around a bushel of corn. The design was a nod to the state's deep agricultural roots and, of course, corn is a primary staple around here. It was unveiled Friday at the state fair. And everyone pretty much hated it, likening it to a garage sale leftover or something from the Precious Moments catalog. "I think the best comment I heard was, 'That's going to the losers, right?'" said Iowa student Liz Ulin.

Today the Cy-Hawk trophy was officially scrapped. A temporary trophy will be designed for the September 10th in-state battle, with a new one unveiled for 2012.

A couple seasons back, we rounded up 12 of our favorite rivalry trophies, from Paul Bunyan’s Axe to the Telephone Trophy. The children of the corn would have fit right in! Take a look: 12 Unusual College Football Trophies.