8 Movie Cliches Illustrated

David K. Israel

Hollywood is formulaic, as you all know. The three-act structure is so tried and true, few movies risk venturing out into untried territory. Dozens, if not hundreds of books have been written that outline the structure and devices an aspiring screenwriter needs to employ if s/he wants to sell a script. It's no wonder clichés abound, then. To help demonstrate the silliness of the classic clichés, the New York International Latino Film Festival created some clever infographics. While the WIJ is not present (that would be "woman in jeopardy," which usually happens in act 3, when our hero is trying to save the world, but first has to save the girl), many others are. Prepare to smile, broadly...

1. The Computer Geek

2. The Flower Van

3. The Revolver

4. Gunpoint

5. The Housekeeper

6. The Vision

7. Oh, The Horror

8. Villain Accuracy