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Mail Call!

David K. Israel

You might recall the post I wrote about the very smart Web site, Sadly, the cool project has ended, but I wanted to share some of the letters you _flossers sent me. I had promised that I'd make a contribution to your favorite charity if you sent me some snail mail. As a result, I'm making contributions to Oxfam,, Humane Society, Salvation Army and a couple others. Thanks for all the great mail! It was fun opening up some honest-to-goodness letters, some of which I've scanned and published below. Each snail mail had a completely different style, which was interesting to me. I also like how some of you shared factoids in your letters! For instance, Teresa Kane wrote to tell me something I didn't know about Ramadan. She says, "We have precise times that mark dawn and sunset, but before fancy watches, Muslims were told that it was officially daylight when 'you can plainly distinguish a white thread from a black thread. Such a lovely image, to me at least."

Agreed, Teresa! Thanks for sharing! We'll do something fun like this again, soon. Promise.