A Few Tech Tidbits

David K. Israel

Here are a few cool tech tidbits I recently discovered and wanted to share with my _flossers.

1. Gmail is Smarter than You

The other day I was sending someone an e-mail with an attachment. As you see in the screen grab, I wrote the words “I’m attaching...” in the e-mail. Google now scans your e-mail for such keywords and is able to alert you to the fact that you’re about to embarrass yourself by NOT including said attachment! How awesome is that? (Though a little scary, right? Like, what happens when they start scanning other keywords: “Let’s get drinks tomorrow” triggers Absolut vodka popups?)

2. MacMail Knows All

Speaking of “Let’s get drinks tomorrow”... when MacMail sees words in your e-mail like “tomorrow” or “at 3pm” - it figures you might need a calender event. If you hover around there, you’ll have the option of creating an event with just one click! Huge time saver.

3. Glass Notes

Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments below.