Here are a few cool tech tidbits I recently discovered and wanted to share with my _flossers.

1. Gmail is Smarter than You

The other day I was sending someone an e-mail with an attachment. As you see in the screen grab, I wrote the words “I’m attaching...” in the e-mail. Google now scans your e-mail for such keywords and is able to alert you to the fact that you’re about to embarrass yourself by NOT including said attachment! How awesome is that? (Though a little scary, right? Like, what happens when they start scanning other keywords: “Let’s get drinks tomorrow” triggers Absolut vodka popups?)

2. MacMail Knows All

Speaking of “Let’s get drinks tomorrow”... when MacMail sees words in your e-mail like “tomorrow” or “at 3pm” - it figures you might need a calender event. If you hover around there, you’ll have the option of creating an event with just one click! Huge time saver.

3. Glass Notes has a fun product that lets you leave virtual Post-Its on any Web page for your friends to see. You can even instant message with them in real time on a page if you want to discuss, say, how awesome this post is. (I’m just sayin...)

Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments below.