10 People Who Became Dog Toys


Dog toys generally come in three designs: classic toys such as Frisbees and tennis balls, indestructible designs like the Kong line, and cute animals that are fuzzy or squeaky. Of course, the problem with the cute designs is that they are usually the most easily destroyed. So rather than letting your pup rip an adorable kitten or duck to shreds, why not let him take out someone you really don't like?

1. Michael Vick

After police uncovered a horrific dogfighting ring at Michael Vick's home in Virginia in 2007, it's no surprise that he became a chew toy. Several, actually. Above is the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles incarnation. This design is guaranteed to be indestructible no matter how hard your dog tries to rip off his head.

2. Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden was one of the most hated men in the world prior to his death. While you may not be able to acquire any of his actual body parts for your mutt to chew on, Osama Bone Laden offers an alternative.

3. Saddam Hussein

While he may be long gone, plenty of people want their dogs to remember just how terrible Saddam Hussein was.

4. Barack Obama

For the 2008 elections, Fat Cat, Inc. released a line of “Political Animals” featuring some of the main political icons of the time, including John McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

5. George W. Bush

Of course, before George W. Bush was out of office, the Democrats had a little fun with their own dog toys. In fact, there was both a regular Bush toy and one specifically dedicated to his lame duck period in office. VP Dick Cheney was also included.

6. Michael Moore

Even when Bush was in office, though, Republicans had their own targets of political loathing, including liberal documentarian Michael Moore.

7. Tony Blair

Don't think Americans are the only ones who like to turn their highest ranking political officials into chew toys. The Brits are apparently just as fond of this game. There were at least two toys featuring the former Prime Minister and even one depicting his wife.

8. David Cameron

During the 2010 election, current Prime Minister David Cameron was spoofed by the Camberbike Dave toy, while Gordon Brown was renamed Gordon Clown.

9. Boris Johnson

While Boris Johnson didn’t run for Prime Minister, he earned his own “Boinking Boris” chew toy after he was caught having an affair back in 2006.

10. Bill Gates

Of course, not all dog toy subjects are political figures or people hated by an entire nation. Years ago Fat Cat, Inc. released their Bill Gates chew toy. The company has retired this design, so you’ll have to look for one on eBay.