Dean Martin Hates The Beatles


When you hear about the arrival of The Beatles during the British Invasion of the mid-1960s the talk always centers on the rampant hysteria they inspired – the legendary premiere on The Ed Sullivan Show, the droves of adoring fans, the people mimicking their hair and clothing style, etc.

Mixed in with all of that must have been a fair amount of backlash and dislike of the Fab Four as well. It stands to reason that other musicians might have gotten a little sick of all the attention The Beatles were getting.

A recent episode of The Todd Glass Show podcast shared a funny example of anti-Beatles sentiment – this clip of comedian and song parodist Allen Sherman appearing on The Dean Martin Show to lead Dino and fellow crooner Vic Damone in a rendition of I Hate the Beatles.

You just don’t hear this kind of Beatle bashing these days.