The 6 Levels of Extreme Apple Fandom

Oliver Noble

Image credit: TechCrunch

For some people, Apple is very much a religion. At least that’s what neuroscientists said after a study found that viewing Apple products caused the brains of "Mactivists" to act in a way usually reserved for people in prayer. Here are the different ways these Apple fanatics demonstrate their devotion.

Level 1 - The Average Apple Fanboy

How to spot a level 1 Mactivist: They somewhat ironically show appreciation for Apple products with Jewelry, dishware, clothing and pastries.

Level 2 - The Macaholic

How to spot a level 2 Mactivist: They decorator their home with Mac-themed furniture and art, and repurpose their old Macs.

Level 3 — The “Machole” or “iHole”

Level 4 - The “iCurious”

How to spot a level 4 Mactivist: They're on Cupidtino, a dating site exclusively for Apple users.

Or they've brought Apple into the bedroom in other (Not-Suitable-for-Mental-Floss) ways.

Level 5 - The Applecore

How to spot a level 5 Mactivist: The Applecores are, as the name suggests, the central most loyal group of the Apple Empire. You can tell who they are because they have permanently branded themselves.

Level 6 - The iPerson

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