People in Order

Chris Higgins

People in Order is a series of four short films in which regular people are portrayed in some sort of order; for example, in the Age film, people from ages 1 to 100 are shown hitting a snare drum. The films were made when filmmakers Lenka Clayton and James Price drove around Britain in a van in 2006, filming 471 people along the way, later assembling their footage for broadcast. From the IMDB page for the films:

A series of 4 short films that arrange 471 people from around Britain according to 4 scales. 1. Age. A person of every age between 1 and 100. 2. Birth. 34 women from 4 to 41 weeks pregnant. 3. Love. 48 couples arranged by length of their relationship (in descending order). 4. Home. 73 households in descending order of yearly income (£400,000 - £3,240)

I first wrote about the films in 2008, but could only locate two of the four at the time. Now, all four are available, and they're truly wonderful. These films are poignant, smart, and brief. Watch them.


People In Order: 1. Age from Field Studies on Vimeo.


People In Order: 2. Birth from Field Studies on Vimeo.


People In Order: 3. Love from Field Studies on Vimeo.


People In Order: 4. Home from Field Studies on Vimeo.