mental_floss Gets Curbed

David K. Israel

In image number 1, Larry comes over to the coffee table and begins to eye the choices.

As he sits down on the couch, he gets a closer look at the choices.

Now he leans over for an even closer look at his choices. Will he pick ours???

It's a tough decision! He sits back in the couch and considers it a while.

Finally! He makes his move. But wait! That's not ours!

How could he pick the competition??! Ack! But you know what? Again in true Larry David style, it actually turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Without giving away too many spoilers, Larry winds up drawing swastikas all over the page of the magazine. So we're actually glad he didn't pick the mental_floss issue. Still, it was a nice brush with the creator of Seinfeld, eh? Ken Jennings would have an easy time doing six degrees if it were Larry David and David Israel.