Not Your Momma's Cookbooks (Part 1)

Andréa Fernandes

For someone who doesn't like to cook (and who rarely cooks), I sure own a lot of cookbooks; I love seeing all the different foods that can be made. In my ventures through the cookbook aisles, I've noticed some with less-than-typical main ingredients, cooking methods, and themes. This weekend, I'm sharing with you a sampling of the most unusual—in one way or another—cookbooks out there.

Tonight: strange ingredients, unusual cooking methods, and unlikely author-chefs.

Strange Ingredients

Everyone's favorite little Hostess treats have an official cookbook all their own, filled with recipes sent in by devoted fans. You might have tried deep-fried Twinkies before, but did you ever think to make Twinkie sushi?

Unusual Methods

Unlikely Author-Chefs

Come back tomorrow evening for part two, featuring cookbooks with special themes and science-y goodness, and Sunday evening, for unique layouts and design.