The Late Movies: I Like Big...


Sir Mix-a-Lot's 1992 single "Baby Got Back" became a #1 hit, but not without causing a fair bit of controversy for its overtly sexual content. The video was even banned from MTV for a time. The song has permeated pop culture, making appearances in everything from Friends (Ross and Rachel's baby will only laugh when the song is rapped) and Charlie's Angels (Cameron Diaz's character, Natalie Cook, dances to it in her underwear) to family movies like Yogi Bear (2010), Shark Tale, and Happy Feet, despite non-family friendly lyrics. The song has also proved perfect for parodying; the following clips are just a sampling of the many parodies the hit has inspired.


The 1,161 students and 108 faculty and staff at Dowell Middle School in McKinney, Texas, produced this video, "I Like Big Books," to promote reading.

Another "I Like Big Books" video was created by a Ms. Rodriguez and Mrs. Huber to inspire their students at North Middle School to read.

David Petete's "I Like Big Books" is off his self-released album, The Off White Album.


This "Bacterial Plaques" version is for the more scientifically minded:


"I Like Big Buttresses" features "the Right Reverend Dr Jonathan Thornstraw-Brook." (The creator admits "the technical stuff on this is bullshit...?")


Dan "Southpaw" Smith's "Baby Got Book" parody became an internet hit, racking up more than 2 million views on YouTube.


This teacher created "I Like Big Binders" in an attempt to get his students to carry their binders.


"Baby Got Math," with the line, "I like Pre-Calc and I cannot lie," was an extra-credit project for a pre-calculus class.


This gamer dedicates her World of Warcraft-themed parody to Granny.


The Parks at Hunter's Creek, an apartment complex in Orlando, FL, created this short clip to promote the size of the rooms in their apartments.

Other notable mentions: "Table Be Round" on Robot Chicken, featuring an animated Sir Mix-a-Lot creating the Round Table for King Arthur (Warning: includes expletives, albeit bleeped, and an advertisement before it plays) "I Like Big Butterfingers" by the "Butterfinger Defense League," a collaboration between Nestle and Sir Mix-a-Lot to advertise Butterfinger candy bars "I Like Square Butts" was a commercial for Burger King, but it drew criticism for using a cartoon character (SpongeBob) to promote junk food and for objectifying women in a commercial aimed at kids "Bill's Got Boat" by "Sure Floats-a-Lot" was a segment on Bill Nye the Science Guy back in the '90s On an episode of The Simpsons, a rampaging Homer liked "big guts"