The Late Movies: Doodling in Math Class

Chris Higgins

So let's say you're Vi Hart and you're doodling in math class, and you decide to dig into the math behind your doodles. You make some videos showing and explaining these doodles and talking really fast, and hundreds of thousands of people on YouTube enjoy them -- and perhaps learn a little something about math from them too. Won't you doodle with Vi now?

This is delightfully nerdy. Especially when she gets into the multi-pointed stars.

Binary Trees

"Your teacher seems to think that drawing and labeling axes is the very essence of mathematics. But you're bored, and can't help but wonder: why?"


"Trouble is, your teacher is too busy trying to convince you that factoring is a useful skill for the average person to know, with real-world applications...."

Snakes + Graphs

"This doodle also works for snakes on a plane."

Infinity Elephants

"The singular of 'sheep' should be 'shoop.'"

Squiggle Inception

"Good squiggles really fill up the page."

More Doodling

See Vi Hart's Math Doodling page for more. Anybody else a math class doodler?