NASA Releases Free Historical Ringtones

Chris Higgins

Want your phone to say "Houston, we have a problem" when your cousin calls? Now you can! (Sort of.) NASA has released a collection of historical sounds as ringtones (both MP3 and the iPhone's M4R format). And, for the record, it's "Houston, we've had a problem" -- not quite as catchy. You'll enjoy hearing that over and over and over the next time you're in a movie theater, complete with original scratchy radio noises!

Check out the sounds for more details. NASA also has an Android app containing the ringtones and instructions for iPhone ringtone installation. Other phones that can play MP3 ringtones should work just fine as well. My favorite sound so far? Cassini: Saturn Radio Emissions #1 (MP3 link). Spooky indeed.

(Apollo Docking Bay Ring photo courtesy of Flickr user Steve Jurvetson, used under Creative Commons license. Check out the comments below the photo, it's got an interesting story.)

(Via Mac Rumors.)