Is It Just Me?


You know how there are things that you do in life that you think are unique to you and you alone? Well, it turns out that these *things* aren't so unique to you as you might have thought. Have I confused everyone? Let me explain:

Send Email, Then Go To Sent Items and Re-read

You might think you're the only one who writes an e-mail, proofs it, sends it, then immediately goes to Sent Items for another read. Turns out, many of us do this! If you think about it, there's no real reason to do it, since the mail is already sent. But we do it anyway and invariably discover some typo, misspelling or other embarrassment that causes us to smite our brow loudly. So why do we do it? Well, in some cases we do it because we've just written an emotional e-mail and want to make sure we said exactly what we wanted to say. In other examples, we might re-read a job application cover letter e-mail to make sure we didn't make any mistakes that might cost us the job. Right? Have another reason why you do this? Let us know in the comments below.

Insert USB Flash Drive Every Which Way

Think you're the only one who has trouble inserting a USB flash drive? Nope. Many of us do. First we try to insert it one way. When it doesn't work, we flip it around and try the other way. When that doesn't work, we turn it back the original way and voila, it works! How can that be, we ask, as we smile at our ineptness. If it didn't slide in the first time, why did it the second time? Admit it people! This has happened to you, right?!

Dig Through Bag for Keys

You're looking for your wallet, your keys, your work ID badge, etc. You search your entire bag, even the zippered parts and obscurely placed pouches. The item you're looking for isn't in there. You'd bet your life on it! So you look in drawers, around the house, in the car, everywhere. Then, you go back to the bag one last time, just to make sure you're not losing your mind and lo-and-behold, there it is! Exactly where you thought it should have been in the first place. Why does this happen to me?! you ask. Is there a ghost at work?

These are only a few examples. Let's hear from everyone about some more "Is It Just Me?" moments in the comments below.