"Twin Peaks" as an Atari Game

Chris Higgins

Have you ever wondered what a Twin Peaks video game would look like? Apparently there were plans for a Nintendo game that never made it off the ground. Now coder/musician Jak Locke has created a sort of Atari 2600/NES-ish game based on the last episode of the show. Spoilers abound, of course! Plus, the game seems to lack much of a coherent plot or sensible gameplay. And it's extremely slow to get started (not so different from the show); not much happens until around 1 minute into the video below. But after that slow start, hold your horses, because the Black Lodge gets supremely weird -- multiple Agent Coopers running around, members of the Palmer family too (in a seizure-inducing scene), and plenty of backwards speech. Fans of Twin Peaks will likely find this delightful, while everyone else will be utterly baffled. Enjoy:

Read more about the game from GameInformer, including info from creator Jak Locke. There's a bit more on the game (including Windows & Mac download links) at Black Lodge.

(Via Waxy and GameSetWatch.)