The Late Movies: Twin Peaks Parodies


Yesterday’s post about a never-made video game based off cult-classic Twin Peaks had me thinking about Agent Cooper, Laura Palmer, Bob, the Log Lady and the rest of cast of David Lynch’s TV drama. Here, I’ve rounded up some parodies to keep you feeling mysterious.

AFI Presents: TV Or Not TV?

This 1990 special stars Michael McKean, Alyssa Milano and Jay Thomas.

Darkwing Duck

It takes about six minutes for the full parody to begin in this episode where Darkwing, Launch Pad and Gosalyn try to solve a gardening mystery.

Twin Bricks

Directed by Duplo Lynch and featuring music by Angelo Brickalamenti, this is one of the most creative interpretations I could find.

Maniac Mansion

This short-lived Canadian science fiction/family sitcom based on a video game parodied Twin Peaks in second season’s opener.

Sesame Street

Even the Muppets cashed in on the popularity of David Lynch’s show with this “Monsterpiece Theatre” skit.

The Simpsons

Lisa Simpson appears to Chief Wiggum in a Peaks-like dream to help solve the murder of Mr. Burns.

"Twin Peaks" In "The Simpsons" - ????????????? ??????????