Wild Wednesday


Last night was one of those nights when you're thankful for the new-ish MLB TV, which allowed me to watch all three extra-inning games simultaneously. If you're a baseball fanatic, last night goes down in the books as, perhaps, the most exciting finish to the regular season in history. Technology made it possible to watch the Rays beat the Yankees, the Phillies beat the Braves and the Orioles beat the Red Sox, all in extra innings, all with much on the line. The best stat I've seen about the probability of the Rays winning and the Red Sox losing goes like this:

By the 9th and 8th innings of the Red Sox and Rays games, respectively, there was a 1 in 278 million chance of the Red Sox losing and the Rays winning. One in 278 million!

To fully understand the magnitude of what happened last night, read this post in the New York Times.